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there was a way that you could access tried and tested marketing that actually works, that’s all done for you, whenever you needed it? Marketing that you could turn on and turn off, just like a tap.
With access to a system that looked after all of those leads as they came flooding in through your marketing?
Making sure that every single person who showed interest in your offer, was called, messaged and spoken to immediately.


there was a way to immediately introduce a system into your business that gave you guaranteed income and guaranteed clients for a minimum of 12 months, and that once it was setup in your business, it could actually pay for everything listed above in a matter of weeks… Without you having to do a thing?



The word Limitless means ‘without end, limit, or boundary.’
This is what Limitless coaching is. The Limitless program isn’t just a coaching program. It’s a complete business system that takes every challenge in business and provides a solution.
When you join Limitless, you gain:
  • Limitless Marketing
  • Limitless Resources
  • Limitless Opportunities
  • Limitless Successes
… You tap into your Limitless potential.
You become someone ‘without end, limit, or boundary’.
You become Limitless.

The Limitless Goal…


One of the biggest advantages of becoming part of the Limitless program, is the inclusion of our Zest Memberships.


Zest Memberships are a done for you Membership program that allows you to sign your clients up to your very own salon membership program.
The struggle for salons owners in the past has always been:
What do I include in my memberships?
How much should they be?
How do I sign people up?
How do I get my Team to sell them?
How do I manage the payments?
As we’ve promised throughout, once again, we’re going to take all the thinking out of this for you, and you get to have all of it done for you.

Limitless Coaching

One of the most important parts of Limitless is with Coaching. Our world class Coaching team have been trained to guide you in creating a more healthy, more efficient and more profitable business.
The Coaching is made up of 12 modules and each one has been specifically ordered to ensure you achieve the most important things first, get you off to the best start and then build a business you can rely on.
The Coaching Modules consist of (not necessarily in this order):


“Creating a Limitless Income” – We give you a plug-in-and-play Membership program that you can simply add into your business and generate guaranteed income each and every month
“Plugging the Holes” – Your bucket has holes in it. Clients and sales are leaking out every day. It’s time to fix the problems and plug the holes
“Growth and Scale” – Now your business is booming and your systems are working for you, it’s time to level up… it’s time to grow and scale
“Marketing Madness” – You want a whole heap of new clients and you want your existing clients coming back in. We’re going to help. Get your business busy, and keep it that way, all year round.
“Sales made Easy” – Not sure how to sell? That’s ok, we’re going to give you the skills to not only learn this yourself, but also teach all of your team how to maximise their sales with every client.
“Time is Money” – There’s one thing more precious than money and that is time. What do you do with the minutes in your day and how can you better use those minutes to achieve much bigger results.

Can I Start Now?

Limitless intakes only occur once a month and are capped, meaning that you need to get in early to not miss out.
The next intake is in:

Where to From Here?

If you’re convinced that you’re ready to become Limitless, then you must act now as intakes are filling fast and once they’re full, they’re full.


To get started, simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll give you a call whenever suits you.
With a million dollar goal for all Limitless businesses, we need to know that you’re as good of a fit for us, as we are for you.
After the call, if you are selected, our All-Star Support Team will book you in for your onboarding and will look after you to get you on your way to becoming Limitless.


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the program.


Become a part of the success


there was a way to have an on-call sales team whenever you wanted them? A team who could make calls on your behalf and sell your products, packages and services, whilst you focused on the other areas of your business.
A professional sales team waiting on standby to nurture your leads and sell to them on your behalf. Making sales all year round without having to pay for a salesperson or rely on your internal team to sell.


there was a way to access 12 months of meticulously planned and structured, world-class coaching, that not only helped you achieve a million dollar business in 12 months, but also took the thinking out of coaching? No longer would you have to learn a strategy, then think about how to integrate it into your business. 
What if you could learn the strategy, but then also be given the actual tool to implement immediately into your business overnight?

…To Limitless


Compared to what you get with Limitless, old style coaching seems antiquated and horribly expensive.
Limitless is the only program in the world for health and wellness that comes with an entire ecosystem of support and resources to help grow your business… whilst you learn.
Limitless has been designed to specifically give you the tools you need to get started immediately whist taking over your marketing, sales and lead nurturing giving you back your time, earning you more money, reducing your expenses and giving you systems that provide you with guaranteed income and clients.

…A Million Dollar Business

If you do the work, integrate the systems and follow the processes, then you should have a million dollar business in 12 months time.

The Support

not only do you get access to coaching and information; when you become Limitless, you also gain access to an entire business system and support team that works for you.

Marketing Team

Our marketing Team will create your marketing for you, inclusive of one new campaign per month.

Sales Team

You will have a professional Sales Team on standby, that knows your business intimately, who can nurture all your leads and sell to them on your behalf.

Accounts Manager

You also have an accounts manager who can manage any of your payment plans and your Salon Memberships.

Customer Support All Stars

Our All-Star Support Team promise is that you will never have to wait more than 18 hours for a response to any question, query or concern, Monday through Friday.


Coming soon, Limitless partners will also gain access to our brand new point of sale, unlike anything else on the market. This software integrates seamlessly into each corner of the Pentagon, creating a business super power that will grow your business exponentially.


You will also get access to product options. This includes Skincare, Haircare and Supplements. Just like the point of sale, these products will not be your run-of the-mill normal retail model. Once launched, it will allow you to make money without you having to spend a cent on products.

“Cash is King” – How do you set your business up right and ensure that you keep most of your income
“Stripping back” – It’s time to cut costs, reduce your expenses and stop spending money on things that don’t add value to your business.
“Behind the Scenes” – This is what we call the ‘boring, but necessary work’. In fact, do this right and you can pretty much guarantee success.


“Know your Numbers” – Do you know your numbers? Do you understand them? Are they giving you the information you need to make better decisions and see more success? Don’t worry, we’re going to teach you and set this up for you.
“Line in the Sand” – Once you have all this setup, you may be worried how your team will cope with the change. We will teach you how to perfectly execute a smooth transition into your new successful business model.

All of this content is delivered in written and video format, along with downloadables and accountability measures. Remember, we don’t want you to have to think about what to do, we’re going to educate you, demonstrate how and then give you the tools to apply immediately into your business.
In addition to this content, as a member of Limitless, you also get:
Two 1-on-1, thirty minute coaching sessions a month and;
A coaching huddle twice a week to answer any burning questions

That’s a lot of information and a lot of contact time, but for those who still need more, you can also inquire about our Semi-Private sessions, which gives you even more coaching, even more support, even more accountability and even more results!

Upcoming intake dates are as follows:

October 1st
November 2nd
December 1st
January 11th
February 1st
March 1st
April 1st
May 3rd
June 1st
July 1st
August 2nd
September 1st
October 1st
November 1st
December 1st